utorak, 4. lipnja 2013.

Asea in my comunity .

How many times in life you pray for miracle ...??

Why do  you do that ?

What is miracle for you ?

"Healthy men has thousands wishes ... ill just one !! "

I want to share with you one miracle ... one of  hundred  greatest discoveries of  humankind !!!


One day in October in 2012 my good friend from Slovenia (Ormož) start  talk  to me a bout some great product from America ,which can  heal all the cells in every man body .. not only men ... animals to .. plants... I listen to him very carefully .. i listen almost an hour . The story sound incredible !! I almost believed him .. then he said one crazy thing ... and showed me a bottle ..
 " This is ASEA !  Redox signaling molecules ! Made from salt and water ! " - What !?- I said . - This water can do all this incredible things you've said to me !? You want to sell me some fake shit .. i do not believe you one single word ! - Then i go ... for some time i don't even speak with him .. i was thinking he want to earn some easy money on me .. i was hate him for that .... but .. not for long ...

Three months later I meet my friend from Varaždin  (Croatia ) . We went for coffee .  Talk a bout the time since we did not see . One thing caught my eye .. her nails ....i want to ask her ....but ... i don't want to be rude .. in the end .. i could not bear ... - " tell me please .. what happened with your nails ?  they are  not ill any more ? " Yes .. she said ..  almost twenty years i fight with this .. but now .. i solve my problem in just three weeks ! - But how ? - i ask -  There is one good product i drink every day and my good friend give it to me - she said -  ASIA !

I was shocked !! But that's not all .. her friend had some problems with allergies which he solved with Asia to! ... I could not believe ... this really works .. what a foll i we been (i said to my self ) I need to try Asea !

 Maybe Asea can help me to rid  my migraine , pain in my neck and my back.?  I called my friend in Slovenia ..and i try to apologize to him .  He except my apologize gladly and give me my first Asea Bottle !!

Today ... i'm new man !! My migraine killing me for years , i can not sleep at night , i was tired in the mornings ... dejected , my back hurts all day , my hands was numb .. some times i was thinking i will have heart attack ..  in  2011 I was at the hospital for five days because this things . I was taking various medications .. but nothing helped ....

Asea changed my life completely !!

After that thought cross my mind ...

I want to meet the people behind this amazing product , who changes lives a round the world . I want to look them in theirs eyes ...shake theirs hands ...and see for myself  they are a honest !!
I want to be close and feel they are sincere tho the world , to every one of us ...

They did not disappointed me !!!

I meet this wonderful meen on Asea Conference in Slovenia . The man is Verdis Norton .
He is 73 .. but full of life .. in his presence the energy is full ... i was honored to meet  him !!


                                         GARY  L. SAMUELSON , ME and my friend JOSIP

                And   man who manage to stabilizes and  put the Redox  Signaling Molecules in the bottle   !!

                                           GARY L. SAMUELSON  Dr. Atomic physicist

When you meet the people , when you feel their spirit , and feel that they are open to everyone, you know that you are in right place with right people .. in ASEA FAMILY !!

This is my miracle !!!

You don't have to trust me .. Join us and feel for yourself !!

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